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Refer-and-Earn Policy-

  • It is easy to earn big with our Refer-and-Earn program!
  • Please Follow Refer-and-Earn Instructions Carefully-
  • You have to do registration first for join Refer-and-Earn and earn money.
  • It’s very easy to join our Refer-and-Earn program. Just need to give one approval.
  • A Client can visit our website www.amaziic.com to join the Refer-and-Earn program.
  • Without signing up Refer-and-Earn programmer, customers can not be a part of this programmer.
  • Refer

  • Browse over a plethora of items to promote to your clients.
  • Without Refer-and-Earn link, purchaser cannot take discount; In this case customers have to join this programmer than avail the discount.
  • Customers have to use their own link to refer.
  • Explore to any Amziic product details page and catch the connections directly from page you are seeing. You can even form short links too
  • Post a quick update to Facebook, Twitter or any other with a link to the Amaziic page you are viewing.


  • We give 5% discount both the parties if purchaser is retail customer.
  • We give 1% discount both the parties if purchaser is wholesaler vendor.
  • Only 50% point can redeem of the invoice value.
  • Referral amount will credit to your wallet after successfully order dispatched without any cancel and return after 2 days.
  • You can use this entire rewarded amount available in your wallet anytime when you order something from our online web store.
  • Programmer is only till 31-3-2020. Please redeem all the point before this.
  • For help E-mail to us at care@amaziic.com
  • Please Note:

  • If a customer has created more than one account, it will consider as fraud and in this case we have proper right to deleted one’s account forever.